Friday, March 4

Conference Welcome and Social
Cafe Leva (11053 86 ave): 8:00pm

This is a joint event between the GMSA and the History and Classics Graduate Student Association, featuring a paper by special guests Michael MacDonald and Rylan Kafara: “Who said you could label dissent? The punk attitude in folk music in the 20th century”

Saturday, March 5
, Coffee, and Mingle
2nd floor Fine Arts Building (FAB), 8:30 am
Department Welcome
Fine Arts Building (FAB) 2-20, 9:00am
David Gramit, Music Department Chair
Paper Session 1 –  “Neither / Or”
FAB 2-20, 9:00am
Chair: Colin Labadie
Matt Knight Secular Encounters in “Sacred Time”: Mass Media and Mass Culture on Hutterite Colonies
Malaena Allen-Trottier Call us Gypsies, not Roma: The “Gypsy musicians” of Montreal
Ben Doleac TBA
Paper Session II – “Schoenberg’s Passion”
FAB 2-20, 10:30am
Chair: Ruth Guechtal
Stefanie Acevedo Segmentational Approaches of Atonal Music: A Study Based on a General Theory of Segmentation for Music Analysis
Irene Apanovitch Merging paradigms: The Passion in Latin America
Sam Minevich I am not a German, not a European, indeed scarecely a human being…but I am a Jew”: Exploring 
the Post-Holocaust Jewish Exile Experience though the Life and Works of Arnold Schoenberg
—Lunch Break—
Paper Session IIIa
FAB 2-20, 1:00pm
Chair: Patrick Smith
Richard Cobourn Analyzing the non-tonal language of Scriabin’s middle period works: a new approach
Jonathan Easey Monotonality in Schenkerian Theory
Paper Session IIIb“Illuminated Beaches”
Studio 27, 1:00pm
Chair: Colin Labadie
Sandra Joy Friesen Mobility in Time and Form – Otto Joachim’s Illumination I
Phil Salathe On the Beach
Paper Session IVa
FAB 2-20, 2:30pm
Chair: Ben Doleac
Jesse Fegelman Notation and the Laptop Performer in a Large Ensemble
Esther McNairnay Watchin’ Over my City, Just like the Golden Boy”: Images of Place in Canadian Prairie Rap
Adam Basanta Embodied Sound, Enacted Musicl Considerations for the Re-Conceptualization of Composition, Analysis, and Performance
Paper Session IVb“Apologies to Bach
Studio 27, 2:30pm
Chair: Daniel Brophy
Jeff Weston line in/out; bbbrrruuuccceee
Jacques Arsenault Jean Coulthard – Six Mediaeval Love Songs (performance)
Travis Ellrot Away
Arts Lounge, Old Arts Building, 6:00pm
Evening Performance
FAB, 8:00pm

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