Friday, March 23

Welcome and Registration
Student Lounge, Old Arts Building: 6:00pm

We welcome presenters and attendees to join us for registration and an evening of welcome. You will enjoy delicious food while you socialize with all those involved with the conference. Dr. Debra Cairns, Chair of the Department of Music, will provide a word of welcome on behalf of the Department. Following this reception, we hope you will join us for a very special piano recital by our own Jacques Després.

Piano Recital by Faculty Member Jacques Després
Convocation Hall, Old Arts Building: 8:00pm

“Connected: Celebrating Three Pivotal Composers – Beethoven, Liszt & Debussy”

Saturday, March 24

Room 2-7, Fine Arts Building: 9:00am

Morning Presentations

Caitlyn Triebel
“Combustion to Rebirth: Arts, Dance, and Music in Montreal from Refus global to L’Oiseau-phénix, 1948-1956″
2-20, Fine Arts Building: 9:30am

Ozgecan Karadagli
“Tradition and Modernism in Ahmet Adnan Saygun’s Aksak Sketches”
2-20, Fine Arts Building: 10:00am


Daniel Rosen
“Stereo Microphone Technique as Musical Practice”
2-20, Fine Arts Building: 10:45

Laura Kerslake
Abstract to come
2-7, Fine Arts Building: 11:15am

2-15, Fine Arts Building: 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Afternoon Presentations

Twila Bakker
“All Alone or Never Alone: What Role Does the Composer Play in the Final Performance of Solo Flute Repertoire?”
2-20, Fine Arts Building: 1:00pm

Jeff Arsenault
“Spiritual Reconciliation: Autobiographical Metaphor in Hatzis’ In the Name of God
2-20, Fine Arts Building: 1:30pm


Janet Spring
“Perspectives of the Rural Music Educator: A Collaborative Narrative Journey Investigating Music Education through ‘Sense of Place.’”
2-20, Fine Arts Building: 2:15pm

Sharon Dutton
“Embodied Musical Perspectives – A Collaborative Narrative”
2-20, Fine Arts Building: 2:45pm

Sandra Joy Friesen
“Blending the Lines of Creative Process”
2-7, Fine Arts Building: 3:15pm

Location TBA: 5:00pm

Guest Speaker Presentation
Jascha Narveson and Lainie Fefferman
2-7, Fine Arts Building: 7:00pm

Concluding Concert
“Find the Perfomer”
Stairwell, Fine Arts Building: 8:00pm


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