Ncounters: Improvisation

Collaboration. Discovery. Experience. Ncounters.

Ncounters: Improvisation saw some of Edmonton’s best come together in collaborative mash up full of creative inspiration.

Hosted by comedic genius duo Matt Schuurman and Stuart Hoye of Rapid Fire Theatre, a local improvisational theatre company, Ncounters: Improvisation provided an opportunity to not only meet like-minded artists, but also provided a chance to explore in-depth conversation on the notion of improvisation: What can the act of improvisation tell us about how we engage in our world as creative people? Is improvisation as a form of creativity fundamentally different from other forms? Or is it just faster and more wild? Are we all fundamentally improvisers or is it a learned skill?

Below are a selection of photos from the event. Looking forward to February’s Ncounters!

Hosts Matt and Stu discuss improvisation in theatre

Ben rocks an improv set on his new guitar

MUGBAIT takes the floor


The night ends in a full-out improv jam


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