New this New Year!! Ncounters monthly

The UofA GMSA has decided to establish monthly Ncounters here at the UofA.

Each month we will get together and Ncounter a theme together.We will be inviting collaboration from sound artists, visual artists, actors, musicians, composers, theorists, musicologists,historians, sociologists, anthropologists and anyone else interested in exploration and experimentation.

Our first theme for January is Improvisation.

What can the act of improvisation tell us about how we engage in our world as creative people? Is improvisation as a form of creativity fundamentally different from other forms? or is it just faster and more wild?Are we all fundamentally improvisers or is it a learned skill?

  • Join us on January 29th to explore Improvisation
  • 7pm till late
  • Dewey’s Pub on Campus at the University of Alberta
  • Hosted by the Graduate Music Students Association
  • $5 at the door

coming up (tentative dates):

  • February 26:Ncounter-Colour
  • March 26: Ncounter-Pulse

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